Microfluidics® M-110P-20S

Microfluidizer material processor
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Microfluidizer material processor


  • Microfluidics Corporation, Newton, MA

Technical data

  • ceramic interaction chamber of the Z-geometry with 87 µm and 200 µm diameter
  • ceramic plunger for producing the process pressure
  • process pressure from 345 bar up to 1379 bar
  • electrohydraulic drive
  • product volume of 25 ml at least
  • flow-through rate from 115 ml/min up to 133 ml/min


  • insertion of fillers (solid matter or fluids) into a fluid matrix material
  • production of stable nano-dispersions and nano-emulsions
  • cell disruption
  • deagglomeration
  • micro- and nanoencapsulation in polymers, liposomes and oils