Rheological measurement with digital rheometer C-VOR

Rheological measurement with digital rheometer C-VOR

Digital rheometer C-VOR
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Digital rheometer C-VOR


  • Bohlin Instruments Ltd (now Malvern Instruments Ltd)

Technical data

  • various sizes of one-way (plates) and multi-way geometries (cone and plate)
  • air bearing
  • extended temperature cell (ETC) with low temperature unit (LTU) (-150°C to +550°C)
  • peltier plate Element (-30°C to +200°C)
  • auto gap control
  • measurement modes: shear stress viscometry, oscillation and creep; shear rate viscometry; step speed change; step strain relaxation; stress growth and multi frequency oscillation
  • options:
  • shear stress controlled
  • rotational speed controlled
  • mesurment range:
  • torque range: 0.5 μNm to 150 mNm
  • torque resolution: better than 1nNm
  • frequency range: 10-6 Hz to 150 Hz
  • speed range: 0.01 mrad s-1 to 600 rad s-1
  • normal force N1 measurement range: 0.001 to 20 N
  • viscosity: 1 m Pas to 107 Pas


  • realisation of basic rheological tests (viscometry, oscillation, creep and relaxation)
  • investigation of curing behaviour
  • measurement of elastic properties and flow behavior
  • measurement of torsional modulus properties of solid polymers, composites, glass and steel using torque rectangular tools (results are closely comparable to results of traditional DMA (DMTA) instruments)
  • determination of time and temperature dependent properties (-150°C to +550°C)