International transfer of knowledge enhances advantage - Japan promotes business connections to Dresden innovation cluster

Presse release (Nr. III) /

For more than a year contacts have been developed between the Saxon innovation cluster "nano for production" and the technological center "Creation Core Higashi Osaka" as well as to the nano cluster Osaka.

The public Japanese foreign trade promotion JETRO ( Japan External Trade Organization) scrutinized the possibility of the cluster cooperation between Osaka and Dresden explicitly for the field of nanotechnology. JETRO developed special interest in the innovation cluster " nano for production". The cluster, consisting of industrial companies and research organizations, promotes promising research- and development focal points of the field nanofilms, nanoparticles and nanostructures. The target of the cooperation is to transfer scientific results from the stage of basic researches into industrially applicable processes.

JETRO supports the cooperation with "nano for production" as one of 8 world-wide projects since 1 April 2008. The aim is to strengthen the team work between Osaka and Dresden and to encourage the economy of these regions.

For the interdisciplinary field of nanotechnology, the promotion of the cross-national cluster cooperation presents a most significant milestone for a successful market development. Several universities such as the Kyoto University, the Osaka Sangyo University, and the Kansai University belong to the nanocluster Osaka. Furthermore there are several research organizations, financed by the Industrial Ministry METFI as well as several medium-sized businesses. At Dresden more than 20 enterprises and research organizations join in the innovation cluster "nano for production".