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Meet Fraunhofer IWS and Fraunhofer CCL’s Laser Applications Division at LME

Remote laser welding of trunk lid components
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Remote laser welding of trunk lid components

Fraunhofer has extensive know-how and expertise in the field of laser materials processing.  With locations in Dresden (Germany) and Plymouth Michigan (USA), Fraunhofer works with industrial clients who are looking to develop modern joining solutions and to take the step from the lab to industrial production. Laser technologies are becoming more and more attractive for industrial materials joining applications and a range of possible applications will be showcased during the upcoming LIA Laser Welding & Joining Workshop in Schaumburg, IL, which takes place Oct. 23-24.

Presentation topics will include the latest advances in laser welding and joining technology as well as a laser “101” Basics of Laser Welding Tutorial, given by Dr. Eckhard Beyer on the first day for people who are new to laser technology. More presentations on advanced laser applications will include the latest developments in laser welding, laser brazing, and hybrid laser processes where the laser is used in combination with conventional arc welding technology to increase the process speed and fit up tolerance. Applications presented will range from joining of plastics and micro applications through to thick section joining of structural steels and shipbuilding applications. One novel application will cover the development and commercialization of a new laser machine concept for the manufacturing of large area heat exchanger plates. This application requires the production of up to 800 individual welds per m2 (3.3 sq. ft.) of material. The new machine concept couples high speed laser scanning technology with conventional kinematics to substantially reduce laser positioning cycle times.

Other application topics cover automotive and off road vehicle applications, and laser welding of battery components for electric vehicles.

Fraunhofer has considerable experience in laser welding of multi materials joints, including copper, aluminum and steel alloys for a range of applications including automotive and electric vehicle battery applications.

Fraunhofer also offers research and development services in the fields of laser cutting, laser heat treatment, laser additive manufacturing and laser cladding.

Fraunhofer has successfully developed and transferred laser joining technology into production for its industrial customers in all of the above application areas.

We would  be more than happy to discuss specific end user questions during the workshop and at our booth (Booth #3012 / 3014) at the Lasers for Manufacturing Event show.