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With effect from 1st July 2012, the TU Dresden has appointed Dr. Andrés Fabián Lasagni to the "Laser Structuring in Manufacturing Technology" professorship.

The new Professor for Laser Structuring in Manufacturing Technology, Dr. Andrés F. Lasagni
© Jürgen Jeibmann / Fraunhofer IWS Dresden
The new Professor for Laser Structuring in Manufacturing Technology, Dr. Andrés F. Lasagni

This chair focuses on the development of new methods for the large-scale production of 2 and 3 dimensional micro and nano structures on flat and curved surfaces. Depending on the size of the structure and geometry, it is possible to periodically vary the electric and mechanical properties of surfaces. The application possibilities of such structured surfaces include the fields of biotechnology, photonics and numerous tribological systems.

"Unlike other research groups, we are concentrating on laser-based technologies, which can be directly used for the surface processing of different materials without any additional process steps," Prof. Lasagni explained. Alongside basic research, the Alexander von Humboldt scholarship holder, with Argentinian roots, will be setting his sights on the development and construction of compact systems for Direct Laser Interference Structuring (DLIP): "The great importance of micro and nano structuring to realize new surface properties has been demonstrated over and over again - particularly in recent years, but unfortunately it has only been possible to integrate a few of the developments in production lines. We are therefore aiming at developing new system concepts enabling structured surfaces to find their way into new products".

The first activity of the freshly appointed professor will be the creation of an international summer school on the subject: "Trends and new developments in laser technology". The event takes place for the first time at the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden and is already completely booked out.

The appointment of Mr. Lasagni to the chair funded by the Fraunhofer Society is an essential feature of the energy efficiency DIZEeff of the Dresden Innovation Centre opened on 27th February 2009. The aim of this joint activity of the TU Dresden and Fraunhofer Society is a close scientific cooperation not only in academic teaching and research but also in strengthening the innovative expertise in Dresden as a research location. Thanks to its six Fraunhofer Institutes and seven other Fraunhofer facilities, Dresden has become the largest Fraunhofer location in the new Federal States of Germany (the former East Germany), and thus predestined for such a pilot project.

The Dresden Innovation Centre Energy Efficiency DIZEeff represented the first pillar of the DRESDEN concept network. The TU Dresden joined forces with all the key scientific societies in Dresden to create a common research and university educational environment. The focus is on a new kind of cooperation in the area of basic and application-oriented research as well as the promotion of young researchers.