Workshop „Energy Harvesting Systems – FlexTEG 2016“

26. - 27. September 2016, Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

The FlexTEG workshop focuses on all aspects of energy harvesting systems addressing material development, production technologies and system design. Special focus is given to thermoelectric energy harvesting systems in combination with a flexible nature allowing wearable body applications.

The workshop will provide insight into the basic principles, potential and current applications of energy harvesting systems. At FlexTEG, we want to come into scientific exchange on topics concerning durable and/or miniaturized energy harvesting and storage.


We consequently plan the following sessions:

  • Insights from EU-projects on “Materials solutions for durable energy harvesters”
  • Energy-Harvesting-Materials
  • Energy-Harvesting-Devices
  • System-Issues (energy storage, energy management, packaging, system integration, etc)
  • Lessons we’ve learned


Some of the slots are already blocked. Nonetheless, there is still a lot of space for your contribution. Posters are also possible, since we are including a 1h coffee break for their inspection and discussion. Please send us as soon as possible the title of your talk or poster. Latest, until August 30 we will need also a short abstract in order to hand in an overview to all workshop participants. Questions concerning the program are answered by Mr. Moritz Greifzu.

A lab tour and BBQ at September 26 and an informal open-topic discussion/networking to end September 27 are offered.

The workshop fee is unitary 250 € for everyone. Excepted are those scientists who are giving a talk. If you need information concerning registration or accommodation, please contact Ms. Melanie Arlt. Don’t miss the opportunity for networking and having latest news from research and industry!