Konferenzen und Workshops

Das Fraunhofer IWS veranstaltet regelmäßig Konferenzen und Workshops, um Sie über den aktuellen Stand der Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten in der Laser-, Oberflächen- und Werkstofftechnik zu informieren. 


Konferenz / 26.–29.06.2023 / München

Lasers in Manufacturing (LiM)

The LiM focuses on the latest developments and future trends in laser materials processing. The conference topics address everyone interested in the potential of lasers in manufacturing from theory to application. In addition to micro and macro processing, a focus is also on additive manufacturing. 

The LiM is organized by the German Scientific Society for Lasers and Photonics (WLT).


Präsenz-Workshop / 03.–04.07.2023 / Dresden

10th Workshop Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Lithium-sulfur batteries are envisaged to enable energy storage devices with high specific energy at low material cost. The recent research provides significant progress in terms of materials for active and passive cell components as well as on understanding of mechanisms finally leading to improved Li-S cell performance.


Präsenz-Workshop / 28.08.–01.09.2023 / Dresden

12th International Summer School “Trends and new developments in Laser Technology“

The five days workshop aims to bring together undergraduate and PhD students in an intensive study program on fundamental and applied aspects of laser technology. 


Präsenz-Veranstaltung / 12.–13.09.2023 / Dresden

Dry Coating Forum: Shaping the future of dry battery electrode processing

Fraunhofer IWS provides a dedicated platform and launches the Dry Coating Forum. DCF is a forum for material suppliers, equipment manufacturers, cell makers and end users to exchange information about current trends, developments and challenges in the field of dry coating technologies.


Hybrid (Dresden & Online) / 29.11.–01.12.2023

Laser Symposium & ISAM 2023

Combined into one joint conference, Laser Symposium and ISAM will provide a unique platform for the exchange of ideas and for industrial networking. As participant, you will benefit from overlaps in content and gain exciting insights into new topics.