PVD coating system (MZR 323)

PVD coating system MZR 323 for industrial hard coating

PVD coating line MZR 323 for industrial hard coating
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PVD coating line MZR 323 for industrial hard coating


  • Sulzer Metaplas Ionon GmbH, Bergisch Gladbach


  • Chamber volume: 450 mm x 500 mm
  • Pump system: Turbo pump system
  • Final vacuum: 10-4 Pa
  • Substrate holder: Planetary with triple rotation, lift table, special holders

Technical options

  • Coating processes: vacuum arc coating with 4 circular evaporators in the wall
  • Layer systems: metals, nitride hard materials
  • Options: retrofitting of up to two laser-arc modules for Diamor deposition, installation of several sputtering sources for oxidic layers
  • Use of filters for the vacuum arc coating for ultra plain layers
  • Additional components for plasma cleaning (arc enhanced glow discharge AEGD)
  • Fully automatic process management
  • Deposition rate for vacuum arc deposition: 1.5 microns / h in triple rotation


  •  Wear protection for tools and components
  •  Metallization
  •  Decorative coatings
  •  Special applications (solder layers, IR - Absorption)