Service offers

Surface functionalization

Our expertises in laser material processing allow us to solve successfully and competently various problems of technology development for industrial applications. In this context we are open for closely collaborations with national and international partners from industry and research. Current issues and research fields are:

  • development and implementation of compact systems for direct laser interference patterning (DLIP) technology
  • accurate fabrication of periodic and quasi-periodic structures in the micrometer and sub micrometer range on plain and complex elements on metals, polymers and ceramics
  • modifying the surface properties (e.g. friction reduction, reflection, bio compatibility)
  • large area structuring using DLIP and roll-to-roll-technology
  • topographic analysis of surfaces by confocal microscopy and white light interferometry
  • fabrication of 3D microelements using two photon polymerization

In addition, we offer the realization of feasibility studies to develop new applications in other technological fields.