Laboratory for surface functionalization


  • fabrication of micro- and sub-micrometer sized surface structures on polymers, metals, ceramics and other coatings
  • fabrication of 1-, 2- and 3-dimensional periodic structures on large, plane as well as non plane complex parts
  • laser interference lithography and two photon polymerization of photosensitive materials

Process equipment

  • unit for laser interference structuring (proprietary development), resolution up to 150 nm, 0.7 m²/min
  • different ns- and ps-pulsed solid state laser systems (available wave lengths: 266, 355, 532 and 1064 nm), 0.5 to 190 W
  • two photon polymerization system (proprietary development) with 100 nm resolution
  • CNC-four-axes positioning systems (x, y, z, rotation), resolution: 0.5 µm, x/y/z-scan length up to 500 mm, rotation angle: 360°
  • reflected-light microscopes, max. magnification: 1000 x
  • tribometer, force resolution: 0.1 N
  • white light interferometer and confocal microscopes, vertical resolution: up to 0.1 nm, lateral resolution: up to 140 nm
  • roll-to-roll UV/Hot Embossing System, film width up to 300 mm, up to 50 m/min /TU Dresden)