Service offers

Based on a profound knowledge in materials science, many years of methodological experience as well as modern and efficient equipment, IWS offers research and development work as well as services in the field of material characterization and application-specific material development.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Metallographic, electron microscopic (SEM, TEM) and microanalytic characterization of the real structure of metals, ceramics and composite materials using EDX, WDX, EBSD, FIB
  • High resolution imaging and analytical characterization of laser modified surface zones, welding interfaces, thin film systems, nanotubes and nano particles
  • Determination of material parameters for component design
  • Fatigue testing on servo-hydraulic testing machines, electromagnetic resonance pulsators (f ≤ 1,000 Hz) and ultrasonic fatigue test systems (f » 20 kHz)

    LCF (low cycle fatigue), HCF (high cycle fatigue), VHCF (very high cycle fatigue)

  • Determination of material and component reliability under multi-axial loading (tension – torsion load)
  • Material and component testing under application-oriented conditions (high temperature, oil bath, salt mist, simulation of environmental conditions, etc.)
  • Development and improvement of existing manufacturing methods that depend on material properties (feasibility evaluation, materials selection, component optimization)
  • Development, adaptation and evaluation of testing methods
  • Failure and damage analysis
  • Consultation including material selection and component design as well as implementation of customer-specific training in the subject areas of materials / metallography / materials testing / fatigue / fracture mechanics