Analytical transmission electron microscope

Analytical TEM JEM-2100
© Frank Höhler
Analytical TEM JEM-2100

Producer / type

  • JEM-2100Plus (Fa. JEOL)

Equipment / technical data

  • Acceleration voltage: 200 kV
  • 4 level condenser system for flexible beam control
  • High resolution analytical pole shoe: dot resolution = 0,23 nm, line resolution = 0,14 nm, specimen tilt: ± 30°
  • Modern multi scan camera systems:
    - Wide angle camera for fast live image, overview and diffraction image
    - High resolution camera with an outstanding image quality
  • Scanning transmission electron microscopy mode (STEM)
  • EDS micro-analysis with drift correction (JED2300T) by Oxford Instruments


  • Conventional transmission electron microscopy
  • High resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM)
  • Electron diffraction: Selected Area Diffraction (SAD), Nano Beam Diffraction (NBD)
  • Scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM): bright field and angle annular dark field imaging (HAADF)
  • Local element analysis with EDX (< 10nm), Spot analysis, Line scan, Mapping, Sequential analysis
  • Analysis of the materials inner structure: lattice defects, grain boundaries, segregations