Analytical scanning electron microscopes

Analytical SEM JSM-7800F
© Frank Höhler
Analytical SEM JSM-7800F

Producer / type

  • 3 scanning electron microscopes (Fa. JEOL): JSM-7800F, JSM-6610 LV, JIB-4610F

Equipment / technical data

  • Thermal in-lens field emission cathode with probe currents up to 400 nA
  • Acceleration voltage: 10 V to 30 kV
  • Resolution: 0,7 nm for acceleration voltage up to 1 KV
  • Detectors: Everhart-Thornley SE, in-lens SE and BSE, BSE-detector with high resolution, STEM
  • 5 axis stage and big sample chamber
  • “Low-Vacuum”- operation for analysis of low conducting specimens
  • Energy-dispersive and wavelength-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDX and WDX) by Oxford Instruments
  • EBSD detector for local orientation and phase analysis

Application areas

  • High resolution scanning electron micrographs of sample surfaces and cross sections
  • Analysis of diverse structure specifications of metallic and non-metallic materials (phase composition, …)
  • High resolution analysis of thin films and modified surface zones
  • Fractography
  • Determination of chemical composition including light elements (B,C,N,O) with high local resolution
  • 3D-analysis of materials, thermography and 3D-reconstructions; in each case possible to combine with EDX- and EBSD-analysis