New joining processes in the automotive industry

Laser beam welding is well established in body construction and powertrain applications and is increasingly used in engine and cooling system components. We develop load-adapted joining designs, consider the specific manufacturing conditions and support our customers in providing prototypes up to the SOP deadline.


Laser welding in the aerospace industry

For our partners in the aerospace industry and their suppliers, we develop and optimize, among other things, and Ti alloy laser beam welding processes typical for aerospace applications on large-size or complex 3D components.


Laser welding in electromobility

In electromobility, the advantages of laser beam welding, such as high energy density and non-contact energy transfer, can be beneficially applied. Here, an innovative welding process is used to join the material combination copper/aluminum, which has been considered non-weldable so far.


Laser welding in automotive and steel construction

Conventional welding technologies are widely used in steel construction. For modern applications in the thin sheet metal range (1 to 6 mm), the laser beam offers a high potential for reliably realizing load-adapted weld constructions. We answer questions on the subject of minimizing distortion as well as increasing the efficiency of the production processes, e.g. on demonstrators for rail vehicle construction.


Laser beam welding of mixed joints

Multi-material component and structure design offers the opportunity to develop products that can be used under complex loading regimes and provide significant weight advantages. For our partners in the market of mixed construction applications (automotive, battery and construction industries) and their suppliers, we do not only develop the joining design but also the corresponding industrial welding processes and support with machine solutions.


Laser welding in car body construction

  • Inductively assisted laser beam welding, e.g. increasing the formability of high-strength sheet metal
  • Laser-welded patchwork structures, e.g. hydroformed components
  • Local hardening by laser beam welding, e.g. improved crash behavior