Component Design

Greater demands on components, innovative raw materials and composites as well as novel fabrication techniques usually require new approaches to construction as a rule. Through the successful implementation of new processes developed at Fraunhofer IWS, in particular the various laser welding and heat treatment techniques, we are able to offer advanced processes for component designs that are strong and suited to these techniques. As a result, our solutions evolve in close association with our development of process technology and our expertise in materials science.



  • Autodesk Inventor 3D (compatible with common CAD systems)
  • PAM-CRASH implizit (for stationary structural mechanics)
  • PAM-CRASH explizit (for crash simulation)
  • PAM-STAMP (for sheet deformation)
  • SYSWELD (for welding simulation)


Finite element simulations in mechanical engineering

Dimensioning matched to the heavy loads and welds in welded powertrain components becomes possible with the help of finite element simulations of the deformation and stress conditions after welding and under operating loads.