Adhesive melter

Adhesive Melter / Nordson PurBlue 4


  • Nordson Deutschland GmbH

Technical data

  • adhesive melter: Nordson PurBlue 4
  • melter with spur gear pump for foil encased slug
  • operating temperature range: 40 °C – 175 °C
  • melt rate: 4 kg/hr
  • reservoir level indicator
  • reduction of thermal stress by specific melting of hot melt adhesives in required quantities (melt-on-demand)
  • protection against premature curing of moisture-cure reactive hot melt adhesives (PUR) by use of foil-encased slugs
  • application head with various hot melt spray nozzles


  • processing of reactive and non reactive hot melt adhesives without inert gas requirement
  • spray applications