Remote laser cut machine

High speed cutting with high feed rates and accelerations

Remote laser cut machine
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Remote laser cut machine


  • ALOtec GmbH, Dresden

Technical data

  • modular setup, combinations with various scanner systems and beam sources
  • compact and mobile system
  • working envelope 100 x 100 mm, enlargements possible
  • integrated marking

Laser sources

  • fibre laser YLR 1000-SM, laser power: 1000 W
  • fibre laser FL 010, laser power: 1000 W
  • more laser power is available on request

Advantages of remote-cutting

  • precise high-speed cuts with high cutting speeds and accelerations
  • extreme productivity increase by high contour speeds up to 400 m/min attainable
  • substantial material saving, no cutting gas required, therefore no costs for gas exist
  • substantial cost reduction by simple system engineering, guiding of cutting gas is not necessary, thus complex and expensive movement systems for cutting nozzles (as usually in conventional cutting machines) can be avoided
  • elegant and fast beam guidance (fibre delivery plus scanner)
  • simple machine structure with individual solutions for material and part handling
  • laser cutting with energy-efficient beam sources (fibre lasers)


Cutting sample: ring gasket
© Fraunhofer IWS
Cutting sample: ring gasket
  • cutting of 2D-metal foils, -masks or -soldering masks
  • kiss-cutting on support materials
  • medical: 2D-cutting of nitinol and stainless steel
  • energy: remote-cutting of electrodes for batteries and fuel cells
  • automotive: high speed laser cutting of automotive parts (cylinder head gasket)
  • cutting technology for new materials: metal-ceramic compounds, application fuel cells
  • application “laser stamping“: substitution of conventional manufacturing processes such as blanking or die cutting by remote-cutting (high flexible rapid tooling)
  • rapid prototyping und rapid manufacturing of die cutting or stamping parts