Service offers

Process monitoring

The working field `process monitoring` can be characterized as a joining element between manufactures of optical-spectroscopic sensors and their custom-tailored industrial implementations. Our service:

  • process studies and monitoring of multi gas atmospheres, e.g. of process-or/and exhaust gases, emerging during CVD-edging, sintering and combustion processes in the chemical, semi-conducting or solar industry
  • trace gas analysis for quality control and process monitoring, especially quantification of humidity traces
  • on-line aerosol monitoring of process- and quality control (Silicium, CNT)
  • determination of the gas permeation rate of ultra barrier materials, esp. water vapor permeation rate of barrier foils for LEDs, organic photovoltaics and vacuum insulation panels
  • characterization of porous materials with respect to breakthrough behavior, capacity, specific surface for applications in the field of gas- storage, cleaning, recycling, and separation
  • optical-spectroscopic characterization of surfaces, (multi) layer systems with respect to composition, film thickness, impurity, homogeneity and humidity level
  • development, set-up and test of application-oriented analyzers including control (e.g. analyzer to determine the gas calorific value, measuring system for high throughput screening of porous materials)
  • vision-enabled spectroscopic inspection of any surfaces for determination of optical and chemical characteristics (i.e. gas leakage, coatings)
  • real time analysis (spatial resoluted) of mass throughput and product streams (i.e. glas, polymers, ores), based on spectroscopic imaging