Innovative NIR spectroscopic moisture analyzer, basing on moisture monitoring and control  to guarantee optimal process-and system operations (Isobar)

To analyze the gas humidity in natural gas dehydration and freeze-drying processes, the IWS scientists developed near-infra-red sensors, which base on laser diode spectroscopy and Fourier transform near-infra-red spectroscopy. These highly sensitive, non-invasive measuring technologies provide information about process parameters and their realization into the process control.


Laser based permeability sensor for testing and quality assurance of high performance barrier materials

The project emphasizes on the development of a laser based permeability sensor for ultra barrier materials. The scientists created reference materials as a base for these measurings.

The testing of a concept for the detection of smallest permeation rates has been based on actually available testing devices and extern laser diode measuring techniques. The developed prototype has been tested under industrial operating conditions.

The realization of the results produces new products e.g. a permeation measuring system for smallest rates, more sensitive laser diode spectrometers for medical trace analytics, environmental monitoring or the generating of reference material to compare and test the long-term stability of permeation measuring technology.


Development of a fabrication procedure for powdered nano-scaled solids

The IWS sub-project aims at the development and realization of an industrial in-situ nano particle characterization with optical methods.


Development of a measuring technology to determine the permeation, crucial for vacuum insulation panels

Measuring technologies, have been advanced to detect reliably water vapor permeation rates of VIP foils and VIP sealed seams in the range of WVTR<10-4g/m2. Information about long-term stability can be derived from the measuring results.


Scaling-up of ICP technology for continuous production of Metallic nanopowders for Battery Applications

Sub-project IWS: Development of an in-situ characterization procedure for the integrated monitoring of the up-scaled nanoparticle production within a ICP process. The particle- seize -dependent high light attenuation at different laser wave length is used here.