Optical Inspection Technology

Optical-spectroscopic measuring procedures find many applications in the field of process-and laboratory analysis, especially due to their highly sensitive, selective and non-contact measuring method. The optimal function of industrial systems and thus the product quality are very often directly related to the composition of the gas atmosphere inside the system. An industrial-suited, in-situ gas analytics is essential for the quality assurance of chemical coating-, etching- and sintering processes and for the monitoring of emissions from industrial systems.

Furthermore determined analyzers, basing on optical measuring systems, are developed. These analyzers quantify material properties especially of film systems and porous materials. Custom-tailored solutions mainly employ technologies such as infra red-, sensor technology (laser diode spectroscopy, FTIR-/NDIR spectroscopy)



HiBarSens: Ultra barriers – finally measurable!

Thanks to the laser diode spectroscopy, it has become possible to detect water vapor permeation rates of flexible ultra barrier systems up to a range of 1 E -6 gram of water vapor per square meter per day. The new detection concept, which joins a lot of valuable advantages, could be realized as a very compact lab device.


imanto® - image analysis tools

Imanto® provides an ideal platform to develop application- and customer oriented solutions for the spectroscopic and optical imaging technology. Apart from process monitoring systems, stand-alone applications and tailored customer’s solutions can be offered as well.