Plasma Technology and Nanomaterials

Plasma assisted processes at atmospheric pressure enable large-area surface cleaning, activation and etching tasks. In addition they allow for the deposition of high quality functional coatings without applying high-cost vacuum systems. This technology is used for continuous coating processes on temperature sensitive materials and on slightly bended substrates of various thicknesses.

Fraunhofer IWS scientists develop reactor prototypes for surface treatments such as fine cleaning, functionalization or etching and for the fabrication of oxide and non-oxide layers, nano particles and nano tubes (carbon nano tubes CNT).The optimization of the reactor design is based on experimental results and thermofluid dynamic simulations. Modular reactor designs ensure cost-efficient process adaptions for novel applications and layer materials.



Large-area high rate deposition of low melting powder

The IWS developed LARGE (Long Arc Generation) plasma technology allows for deposition processes of low melting or very fine-grained coating powders.


Large area CFRP activation in the aerospace industry

In cooperation with different European industry partners IWS scientists implemented the LARGE (Long Arc Generation) plasma source for surface functionalization processes at atmospheric pressure (removal of release agents on CFRP parts).


Improved thermal management by novel aerosol CVD coatings in Saudi Arabia

A thermal CVD glass coating unit was installed at Saudi Arabia in 2015. This technology enables spray coating processes at atmospheric pressure on glass substrates.