Gas and Particle Filtration

Innovative filtering media can filter out hazardous gases for cabin air.
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Innovative filtering media can filter out hazardous gases for cabin air.

Toxic gases and particles may pose unperceived health risks

Increasing concentrations of toxicants accumulate indoors in domestic and cabin air. In everyday life (indoor living, office space, cabin air) as well as in industrial production (laser cutting, welding, additive manufacturing, battery production, etc.) invisible toxic particles (e.g. metal particles, nickel particles) and vapors (VOC, NOx, etc.) may lead to considerable occupational safety and health concerns.

We analyze on-site and develop customized solutions

We identify toxic molecules in the gas phase or fine particulates of varying chemical composition on-site using modern measurement techniques and give recommendation for potential counter-measures. In particular we evaluate commercial gas filtration materials (activated carbons, zeolites, porous polymers) and innovative adsorbents (Metal-Organic Frameworks, Covalent-Organic Frameworks) as filter media for industrial applications. We support the selection of suitable sensors and the integration of filter materials in effective systems.

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Workshop / Fraunhofer Campus Dresden

"Advanced porous materials and membranes"

September 8, 2022

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