Chemical Surface Technology

New technologies enhance surface functionalities


Advanced Battery Technology Center (ABTC)

Research in the areas of electromobility as well as stationary energy systems is a central theme at IWS in Dresden. Important contributions can be provided to battery fabrication processes based on the numerous IWS technology developments.


Chemical coating technology

Coatings consisting of gaseous, liquid or solid, particulate starting materials are developed for customer-specific issues. The focus is among other things on modified surfaces and functional coatings for applications in battery technology.


Gas and particle filtration

Novel filter materials and technologies for healthful indoor living and occupational safety.

Publications and Press releases


Press release / 1.9.2021

Environmentally friendly manufacture of battery electrodes

Sustainable battery production with DRYtraec® – the new dry-coating process developed by the Fraunhofer IWS is environmentally friendly and cost effective and can be used on a large scale, giving it the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing of battery electrodes.


News / 26.5.2021

Battery technology for flying

The increasing electrification of mobility also affects aviation. The battery is both a key technology and a bottleneck for all electrical flight applications. Its own weight significantly limits the range and payload of the aircraft.