SuperWEAR - Suspension Thermal Spraying Coatings

New cost-effective SUspension ceramic coatings with SUPERior WEAR and insulating properties (Eurostars-Projekt E!9756 SuperWEAR)

SuperWEAR is a bilateral (Spain-Germany) European project approved at the last Eurostars call in 14th position out of 230 eligible projects. Financed by CDTI in Spain and BMBF in Germany, this project has a budget of ca. 1.7 million Euros and 30 months of duration.

The project is based on the development of oxide coatings with superior wear resistance and insulation properties using a cost-effective and environmentally friendly production process based on Suspension Thermal Spraying (STS). The project aims to do the first implementation of STS in SME job shops, demonstrating its advantages in selected components: cylinders for hydroelectric applications, off-shore piston rods, industrial valves, pump components and ball bearings with electrical insulation.

This project has a relevant Consortium which covers the whole product production chain, allowing a position of strength and collaboration within the proposed markets. There is a producer/seller of thermal spray hardware (GTV), there are the hardware users as job coaters (TMCOMAS and OBZ) and there are end-users for the coating solutions (Stern Hidraulica, TMCOMAS and OBZ). Additionally there is a strong knowledge of the suspension spray technique supplied by Fraunhofer IWS / IKTS.

Project duration: 01.12.2015 – 31.05.2018