Projects and Products


Suspension thermal spraying

The substitution of the conventional spray powders by suspensions offers new possibilities, such as the direct use of finely dispersed powders, and thus saving in the production of specific thermal spraying feedstock powder, and the production of nanostructured coatings.

SuperWEAR - Suspension Thermal Spraying Coatings

The project is based on the development of oxide coatings with superior wear resistance and insulation properties using a cost-effective and environmentally friendly production process based on Suspension Thermal Spraying (STS).


Ceramic coating heater elements – thermally sprayed

Insulating coating, conductive heater and cover coating can be freely selected, which provides numerous opportunities for heating and tempering applications.

Possibilities for online coating thickness measurements during thermal spraying

Therefore concepts to measure the coating thickness during the process without the need for physical contact are of crucial importance to the cost effectiveness of thermal spraying solutions.

LoadCoat – New coating solutions for components subject to high stress

Thermally sprayed hard metal coatings have been mainly applied as protective barriers against abrasion, erosion, friction and sliding wear. The use of modern spray technologies has the potential to extend the performance limits of these coatings and thus allow the production of novel coatings for application in components subjected to high stress.

Thermoelectric Generator – Thermally Sprayed

The goal of the BMBF funded project is the development of a thermally sprayed based manufacturing technology, which allows the production of efficient and stable thermoelectric module components to be applied between 400 and 800°C.

Electrically conductive ceramic coatings

Although thermally sprayed coatings in the system Cr2O3-TiO2 have a high potential, this system has been, till date, scarcely used.