Thermal spraying equipment (APS, HVOF and HVAF)

Anschlussbox mit HVOF-Brenner
© Fraunhofer IWS / Jürgen Jeibmann
Anschlussbox mit HVOF-Brenner
Spray booth at Fraunhofer IWS
© Fraunhofer IWS
Spray booth at Fraunhofer IWS
Suspension feeder
© Fraunhofer IWS
Suspension feeder


  • Gesellschaft für Thermischen Verschleißschutz mbH Luckenbach (GTV)
  • Uniquecoat (USA) Oilville

Spraying techniques

  • atmospheric plasma spray (APS)
  • high velocity oxy-fuel (HVOF)
  • high velocity air-fuel (HVAF)

Spray guns

  • APS F6 and DELTA
  • APS F1 (internal coatings)
  • HVOF gases: TopGun® (combustion gas ethylene)
  • HVOF liquid: K2 (Perafin)
  • HVAF (Methane)

Technical data

  • two soundproof booths:
    - dimensions: 3.5 x 3.2 x 2.5 m3
    - extraction capacity 15 000 m3 h-1
  • handling system: 6-axis robot + 2.8 m linear feed; shaft turning machine

Processable materials

  • ceramics, metals and hardmetals in powder form
  • suspensions (at the time ceramic materials)

Range of application

  • wear and corrosion protection
  • functional layers
  • multi-layer coating systems
  • thermal barrier coatings
  • rolling contact fatigue
  • photocatalysis