Thermal Spraying

The main frame of work of the Thermal Spraying group consists of the development of new spraying technologies (such as suspension spraying), new coating solutions (such as coatings for heating elements, thermoelectric modules or hard metal coatings for components subjected to high stress), as well as the characterization of coatings (for example, laser acoustic surface waves – Lawave®).


Service offers

For the coating of components made of steel, light metals, ceramics, concrete, among others, atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) and high velocity spraying (HVOF and HVAF), using both powders and suspensions as feedstock, are available at IWS.



Thermal spraying equipment (APS, HVOF and HVAF)

Press and media


News / 20.1.2022

Functionalization of FRP by means of thermal spraying

Manuel Reif wins award for his research on fiber-reinforced plastic composites