Expansion of industrial applications of temperature measurement and control systems »E-MAqS«, »E-FAqS« und »LompocPro«

These temperature measurement and control systems were originally developed for laser beam hardening processes. In recent years Fraunhofer IWS engineers have worked continually on expanding applications for these systems. They were adapted to work with manufacturing processes such as laser buildup welding, induction hardening and heat treatment of materials for photovoltaics. Today such processes are safely controlled by IWS temperature measurement and control technology similar to the original laser hardening processes.

Some examples for commercial implementations are discussed as follows:

  • “E-MAqS” is a camera-based temperature data acquisition system and “LompocPro” is a temperature control system. Fraunhofer IWS engineers collaborated with the Machine Factory Arnold Ravensburg to implement both systems in a machine for repairing jet engine components at General Electric in Shanghai.
  • Similar measurement and control system combinations were installed in machines for the generative fabrication of finest metallic structures at the CAMT in Wroclaw, at the System S.A. Katowice and at the Volkswagen AG for their universal tool making machine.
  • The “LompocPro” measurement and control system is also used at the company EMA Indutec. Here the unit monitors and controls inductive surface hardening processes.
  • The company Sitec Industry Technologies in Chemnitz applies the extremely fast control system “E-FAqS” to explore new possibilities in solar cell manufacturing.

Variable software control »LompocPro«

  • Temperature control for various laser technologies (hardening, brazing, heat treatment, cladding)
  • Especially suited for the control of fast processes

Temperature measuring system »E-MAqS«

»E-MAqS« is a camera based temperature measuring system for sophisticated tasks. It is a low-cost alternative to other commercially available thermographic systems. »E-MAqS« is typically used in combination with the »LompocPro« control.


Pyrometer »E-FAqS«

The fast pyrometric system »E-FAqS« has been developed to get temperature information about very fast processes. This system is able to measure low temperatures from 160 °C and above with a sample rate lower than 30 μs. Since »E-MAqS« has been used for laser hardening and laser cladding so far, the much faster »E-FAqS« is applied more and more for laser soldering machines. 


Dynamic beam shaping system »LASSY«

The dynamic beam shaping system »LASSY« is a flexible tool for laser beam hardening instead of using optics with fix spot geometries. »LASSY« is a scanning mirror optics, which is able to scan the beam perpendicular to the feed direction. Energy spreading can be adapted to different local heat flow conditions. This process, for instance, enables to generate a constant penetration of the hardened zone despite different part thicknesses.


»LasMon« - Analyzis of moulded laser beams

  • Analysis of laser sources and laser optics
  • Adjustment of scanning optics or other beam shaping devices
  • Optimizing of power spreading of shaped laser beams
  • Creating basic data for simulation of heat conduction or of laser processes