Heat Treatment and Plating

Due to our excellent experiences and interdisciplinary know-how, we offer numerous services from the wear analysis to the optimum realization and implementation of hardening technologies:

  • Development and industrial implementation of surface refinement technologies with high power diode lasers, CO2 lasers, Nd:YAG lasers or induction or both
  • Surface refinement of development and prototype samples
  • System technological compounds of surface refinement procedures

Service offers

Holistic approach for material, procedure and system technologies

  • Laser beam hardening technique for steel and cast iron 
  • Local hardening of suitable metallic materials
  • Laser gas alloying of titanium materials
  • Inductively assistid laser melting of aluminum cast alloys
  • Laser inductive roll plating of narrow bands to plate surface layers 
  • Generation of particle- and fiber reinforced surfaces for light metals
  • Surface treatment of pilot and prototype samples

Cooperation projects


Advanced Light-weight BATteRy systems Optimized for fast charging, Safety, and Second-life applications



Laser hardening machine for steam turbine blades

Since many years the laser beam hardening of power plant steam engine blades has successfully been proven as wear protection procedure. The company Siemens AG Mühlheim an der Ruhr is going to apply in-house this technology in order to shorten the production process. Fraunhofer IWS provided the unique laser hardening system.

Effective surface hardening with rotational symmetry

IWS scientists designed and completed an innovative laser machine for the industrial hardening of spherical calottes in the automotive industry. The basic concept of this machine is the particular rotating mirror optics, which allows, combined with the measuring system »E-MAqS« and the control system »LompocPro«, a precisely adjusted process management.