Generative laser powder buildup welding

Based on 3D-CAD data models, 3D structures are generated for the direct fabrication, modification or repair of components.


Generative laser wire buildup welding

Thanks to the novel COAXwire coating head, wires can now be processed independent from direction and it also allows for high geometric degrees of freedom.

High performance deposition

IWS hybrid technologies are available as laser hot wire buildup welding and inductively assisted laser powder buildup welding.

Laser milling combination

IWS modern CNC machining systems combine laser additive manufacturing processes and (subtractive) ablative procedures such as milling.

Powder bed procedures

Powder bed procedures such as SLS (selective laser sintering), SLM (selective laser melting) and SEBM (selective electron beam melting) are the preferred procedures, when the fabrication of components requires the highest geometric degrees of freedom.

Dispenser-Printing technology

A dispenser or extruder applies a pasty material onto a substrate via capillaries. The fabrication of a workpiece takes place in a computer-controlled manner according to given forms and sizes.

Aerosol-Printing technology

IWS scientists develop functional inks as well as printing and sintering processes for highly resolved printing processes of structures.