3D-Scaffold-Printer mit beheizbarem Mehrkanaldosiersystem
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3D-Scaffold-Printer mit beheizbarem Mehrkanaldosiersystem

The goal of the “Bioreactor” project is the development of dynamic micro bioreactor systems with integrated artificial supply vessels. Such systems create a biocompatible complex 3D microenvironment.

Hollow fibers offer one possibility to make biofunctional vessel systems. They are fabricated via rapid prototyping and then connected to microfluidic components to supply artificial tissues with oxygen and nutrients. One of the challenges is the biocompatible and tight connection between the two components. Particle image velocimetry is applied to characterize fluidic properties. Fluorescence and radiological contrast methods determine the permeability.

The project combines the microfluidic competences of Fraunhofer IWS engineers with the rapid prototyping expertise of the Polish colleagues to address new applications.