Wroclaw / Poland

Fraunhofer Project Center for Laser Integrated Manufacturing (PCW-Polen)

"To jointly shape the future" is the goal of German and Polish engineers and scientists who are collaborating at the "Fraunhofer Project Center for Laser Integrated Manufacturing".

At the Fraunhofer project center, German and Polish researchers will bundle their know-how in a holistic approach to further develop and improve rapid prototyping technologies. Fraunhofer IWS engineers are experienced in the development of laser technologies and the scientists from the TU Wrocław are specialists in manufacturing and process technologies. Together they can explore and develop new technology areas.


The Fraunhofer Project Center was established in 2008 and actively establishes the Fraunhofer model in the Polish research market. 2012 was another successful year. S.A. Katowice has been using a laser buildup welding system since 2011. In 2012 the company received several additional powder nozzles from the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden. The installed technology is very successful and the development of new applications required the expansion of the systems.

Another success was the sale of systems for the laser cutting of airbag materials to a Polish customer. This technology was jointly developed with a medium sized German company. In 2013 the system and the process will be implemented in production. IWS engineers support the company in system design, technology implementation and onsite employee training.

In 2012 several research projects were performed in the following areas:

  • laser materials processing,
  • generative manufacturing,
  • biotechnology,
  • industrial image processing and contour capture.