System technology

The spectrum of system technology available at the Fraunhofer DOC® project group includes:

  • modular spArc® evaporator technology with industrial PVD large chamber system with a usable diameter and height of 1.2 m each (batch load up to 2 tons),
  • in-house developed high performance PVD technology for the metal band coating under rough vacuum conditions,
  • latest wire arc spray technology with spraying cabin, vacuum chamber and the possibility to support the process with laser power,
  • 3D capable laser and laser-MSG hybrid welding system (gantry portal system, robot systems) with mobile 8 kW fiber and 4 kW Nd: YAG-lasers.

Additional systems from Fraunhofer IST and TKSE are available for joint projects. TKSE, IST and IWS jointly operate the DOC®’s modular and 80 m long sheet metal band coating pilot machine. The team offers research and development on vacuum coating processes for the continuous surface refinement of thin metal sheets.