Workshop "Advanced porous materials and membranes”

September 08, 2022, Fraunhofer Campus Dresden

Detailed program (as of May 25, 2022)

08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome and opening
Topic 1: Hydrogen purification
09:15 Membrane technology for the hydrogen economy
Arian Nijmeijer, Shell
09:35 tbd
Udo Lubenau, DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
09:55 Coffee break
Topic 2: Membranes
10:45 Separation with ultrathin carbon nanomembranes
Albert Schnieders, CNM Technologies GmbH
10:05 High silica CHA-type zeolite membrane for gas separation
Mikio Hayashi, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
11:25 Lunch break
Topic 3: CO2 emissions and air capturing
12:30 Decentralized direct air capture for carbon management
Ann-Sophie Farle, Skytree
12:50 tbd
Philip Llewellyn, Total
13:10 Metal-organic frameworks solutions for indoor air quality
Christian Serre, SquairTech
13:30 Coffee break
Topic 4: Innovative adsorbents
14:15 Process integration of metal-organic frameworks: market-driven prototyping success
Daniel Steitz, novoMOF AG
14:35 High performance molecular sieves - from development to commercial application
Kristin Gleichmann, Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz GmbH
14:55 Progress Toward the Scale-Up of Metal–Organic Frameworks
Matthew T. Kapelewski, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
15:15 MOF commercialization: The state of the field and what’s next
Ben Hernandez, NuMat Technologies, Inc.
15:35 Concluding remarks