Center Fiber Composite Technology

Technologies for modern lightweight construction

Lightweight structures, consisting of fiber composite materials and tailor-designed part geometries can excellently meet the demanding requirements to cost and energy-saving products. To reduce the costs for these structures, the scientists of the Fraunhofer IWS Dresden and experts from the Technische Universität Dresden focus their work to optimize this manufacturing process chain. Among others their foci include:

  • controlled heat input through minimization of the interaction time with simultaneously high ablation rates using ultra-short pulsed lasers
  • near-net-shape processing of consolidated and unconsolidated materials using the laser remote technology (remocut®FRP)
  • generation of form-fitting joints applying generating and ablative procedures
  • structural adhesive bonding of composite parts
  • adhesive and laser fixing of fiber reinforced semifinished products
  • inductively assisted adhesive bonding
  • optimized material joining of hybrid components through tailored processing of contact areas by applying laser and plasma pretreating
  • generation of reactive nanometer multilayers for high speed joining processes of thermoplastic fiber plastics composites
  • laser assisted processes for the continuous carbonizing of stabilized precursor fibers for carbon fiber fabrication
  • application of microwave radiation and microwave plasma for energy efficient carbon fiber fabrication
  • fabrication of polymer fibers with diameters between 50 nm and 1 μm with integrated nanoparticles (e.g. carbon nanotubes)
  • design and calculation of fiber composite components and metal fiber composite hybrid structures

Knowledge transfer

Fraunhofer IWS joint booth together with Held Systems at the Composite Europe in Düsseldorf
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Fraunhofer IWS joint booth together with Held Systems at the Composite Europe in Düsseldorf

A close cooperation in the field of fiber composite technologies is intensified by the active involvement in the special collaborative research field SFB 639 (textile reinforced composite components for functionally integrated mixed constructions).

Thanks to the membership in the association “Carbon Composite e.V.”, the scientists benefit from a lively exchange of ideas with experts from regional enterprises and other research organizations. The research results of several departments were successfully presented at the different national and international expert tradeshows and conferences.