Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency – We are not finished yet!

The Fraunhofer IWS focuses its research on the advancement of resource-saving technologies and on the economical use of energy. Right from the beginning the IWS has implemented numerous technologies into industrial applications, which have benefited society and enterprises as a whole. One example is the development of a novel local heat- treatment technology, which is able to increase the energy-related efficiency of steam engines.

Another example is the IWS-developed laser welding technology applied for belly pod areas of different Airbus models enabling a significant decrease of the structure weight. In the case of the models A340 – 600 it became possible to save nearly 100 kilograms. With regard to primary structures our welding technology can even save up to 10 % weight.

The laser welding process has become nearly indispensable in mass production processes of car transmission parts. Considerable savings in terms of fuel and better energy efficiency have been achieved. Particular IWS friction-reducing coatings on motor components open up a novel way for fuel reduction. The IWS technology, in combination with the Diamor® deposition system is well on its way to a broad industrial application.

In 2009 the IWS-coordinated center “Dresdner Innovationszentrum Energieeffizienz DIZEEFF “was founded to advance the future topic “Energy efficiency” beyond its existing limits and to speed up innovations for the local economy.

The center joins scientists of the TU Dresden and of the Fraunhofer Institutes in numerous projects, which focus on highly efficient solar cells, fuel cells, high-temperature energy technology, lightweight construction and energysaving displays.

Current IWS developments focus on energy-harvesting processes through thermoelectric generators as well as on the reduction of magnetic losses in electric motors.