Coating technologies and testing

Mit dem Laser-Arc-Verfahren gelingt es Dr. Volker Weihnacht, Prof. Andreas Leson und Dr. Hans-Joachim Scheibe, reibungsmindernde verschleißarme Schichten auf Bauteilen abzuscheiden (v.l.n.r.).
© Photo Dirk Mahler / Fraunhofer

Dr. Volker Weihnacht, Prof. Andreas Leson and Dr. Hans-Joachim Scheibe (left to right) successfully developed a laser arc method of depositing friction-reducing, wear-resistant coatings on components.

For the industrial introduction of Diamor® coatings IWS collaborates with commercial partners to provide coatings and systems technologies including the Laser-Arc coating source and the laser acoustic test apparatus LAwave for quality control and coating optimization.