imanto® - imaging tools

Imanto® provides an ideal platform to develop application- and customer oriented solutions for the spectroscopic and optical imaging technology. Apart from process monitoring systems, stand-alone applications and tailored customer’s solutions can be offered as well.


HiBarSens - Permeation analyzer for the determination of the water vapor transfer rate of ultra barrier foils and polymer webs

The application of a laser to determine permeation properties of high barrier materials in a highly sensitive, safe and fast manner is a most promising technology. The laser diode spectroscopic technique allows to detect even slightest amounts of permeated water vapor and thus to calculate the water vapor transfer rate (WVTR) of multi-coated foils and polymer webs.

TraceScout - Trace gas sensor for the simultaneous detection of up to 3 gases within the ppm- to ppb-range

The use of the diode laser enables the simultaneous detection of gas impurities in bulk or special gases. This system allows a continuous gas quality monitoring in circular supply systems or at the point-of-use in the semi-conducting industry.


FTIR gas analytics systems for the time-resolved determination of gas atmospheres and the concentration flow of the gas species (precursors, intermediate) even in highly particle loaded atmospheres.


The measuring device for the infra-red spectroscopic investigation is very suitable for the analysis of very large samples such as wafers and components.