Chemical Surface Technology

New technologies enhance surface functionalities


Center Battery Research - Technologies for new energy storage systems

Research in the areas of electromobility as well as stationary energy systems is a central theme at IWS in Dresden. Important contributions can be provided to battery fabrication processes based on the numerous IWS technology developments.


Chemical surface and battery technology

The group develops chemical vapor and liquid phase processes for a uniform deposition of new materials on large surface areas. The work focuses on transparent functional thin films and porous carbon coatings for electric storage.

Gas and particle filtration

Novel filter materials and technologies for healthful indoor living and occupational safety.


Optical inspection technology

The scientists focus their research on the development of optical-spectroscopical measuring technologies to characterize and to monitor gas phase processes by ppb trace gas, multi gas and aerosol analytics. Process studies as well as the development of analyzers and their process implementation are here of main interest. Additionally we offer characterization methods for porous substances as well as methods for layer and surface characterizations.


Plasma technology and nanomaterials

IWS research focusses on the development of systems technologies for thermal and plasma assisted gas phase deposition as well as of dry etching processes at atmospheric pressure. Here we apply in-house developed plasma sources. Other key foci are process developments in the fields of film deposition, surface treatment and carbon fiber fabrication.



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8th Workshop "Lithium-Sulfur-Batteries"

June 18–19, 2020



Materials for Energy

Workshop "Carbon Electrode Materials"

November 18, 2019, Dresden

Workshop "Lithium Metal Anodes: Processing and Integration in Next-Generation Batteries"

November 19, 2019, Dresden