Hyperspectral Imaging & Hyperspectral Microscope Imaging

The Hyperspectral Imaging process offers a spectroscopic imaging within the near infrared (NIR), visible (VIS) or ultraviolet (UV) range and enables a time- and spatially resolved measurement of all spectral characteristics.

Gas phase characterization

In the field of gas analysis our scientists have focuses on the multi gas analysis and the trace gas detection. The evaluation of chemical processes, gas atmospheres and the permeation-, resp. breakthrough behavior of foils and porous materials lead to the identification and to the quantitative analysis of materials and material compounds.

Thin film and surface analytics

The sensitive determination of the surface condition is an essential component in all those cases, in which the precise surface design is decisive, that means, especially in the photovoltaic and semi-conducting industry.

Application of porous materials

The separation of trace components from gases can be realized by an adsorptive gas cleaning process in a very cost-efficient way. Frequently porous materials, such as activated carbon, zeolites or novel hybrid materials (MOFs), are used for this process.

Characterization of porous materials

The Fraunhofer IWS engineers have developed a measuring technology, which measures up to 12 samples in parallel and which determines the gas adsorption capability and specific surface.