Chemical Surface and Battery Technology

Many applications depend especially on the surface properties of materials. Functional thin films add properties such as conductivity, scratch resistance or self-cleaning behavior to surfaces. The development of nanostructured materials with defined surface chemistry is a condition for a significant performance increase of next generation double layer capacitors and batteries. The group Chemical Surface Technology develops chemical vapor and liquid phase processes for the uniform deposition of new materials over large surface areas. The work focuses on transparent functional thin films and porous carbon coatings for electric energy storage.



Development of lithium-sulfur battery cells

Within the framework of the BMBF project AlkaSusi lithium sulfur battery cells are developed, which have more than twice energy densities than conventional Li-Ion cells (400Wh/kg). The IWS is working on electrodes, basing on carbon nano tubes. These carbon nano tubes, as composites with sulfur, enable cathodes with excellent capacities.