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Process modeling

Simulierte Temperaturverteilung (längs zur Bearbeitungsrichtung) bei der Hochgeschwindigkeitsbearbeitung (250 m/min) von Feinstahlblech der Dicke 0.3 mm
© Photo Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

Computed temperature fields (longitudinal and cross-sectional with respect to processing direction) and corresponding temperature profiles during high-speed laser material treatment (processing speed = 250 m/min) of thin-section steel sheets (thickness = 0.3 mm)

Untersuchung des Einflusses von Einspannbedingungen beim Laserstrahlschweißen auf die lokale Verteilung des Schweißtemperaturfeldes
© Photo Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

Numerical investigation of the influence of clamping conditions during laser beam welding on local weld temperature fields and cooling-down conditions

Based on our comprehensive experience in theoretical process design and analysis we offer services involving following topics:

  • Feasibility analysis of laser-based manufacturing technologies prior and in addition to experimental investigations
  • Computation of steady-state and transient temperature fields in workpieces and components, and determination of corresponding heating and cooling profiles
  • Simulation of melt pool shape and size in laser based melting processes
  • Development of CFD models for numerical analysis of gas flows applied in laser material processing
  • Design of experiments and corresponding analysis in combination with numerical and experimental investigations
  • Energetic process design and evaluation of particular laser material treatment processes for determinations of power requirements and process efficiencies