Workshop „Energy Harvesting Systems – FlexTEG“

Workshop „Energy Harvesting Systems – FlexTEG“

New date: September 26 - 27, 2016

Konturangepasstes thermoelektrisches Modul auf einem Rohrstück
© Photo Fraunhofer IWS Dresden

Konturangepasstes thermoelektrisches Modul auf einem Rohrstück

The FlexTEG workshop focuses on all aspects of energy harvesting systems addressing material development, production technologies and system design. Special focus is given to thermoelectric energy harvesting systems in combination with a flexible nature allowing wearable body applications.

The workshop will provide insight into the basic principles, potential and current applications of energy harvesting systems. At FlexTEG, we want to come into scientific exchange on topics concerning durable and/or miniaturized energy harvesting and storage.


We consequently plan the following sessions:

  • Energy harvesting materials / storage materials
  • Energy harvesting devices / storage devices
  • Side issues (e.g. encapsulation, integrated packaging, failure analysis, …)
  • “Lessons we’ve learned” (the session is about the “dark side” of science and engineering, open/dead ends, highly promising technologies that could not hold the promise . . . but especially talking about these issues can be a creative environment for new solution approaches)


We kindly invite you to send us a short abstract of your talk or poster (1500 characters) until 17th of July to Moritz Greifzu. If you have any doubts or questions, whether your abstract is fitting, please contact us!

The workshop fee is unitary 250 € for everyone. Excepted are those scientists who are giving a talk. The social event is already included within this fee.

If you need information concerning registration or accommodation, please contact Melanie Arlt. Don’t miss the opportunity for networking and having latest news from research and industry!


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